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Rules and Guidelines

Rules and Guidelines – DELHI CUP 2015-16
Welcome to the DELHI CUP 2015-16. Before we kickoff we would like to share with you some rules and guidelines for teams, players, coaches and parents to ensure Fair Play and a level playing field for everyone:

Teams are advised to arrive at the venue at least 20 mins before their match times and warm up before kickoff.

All players are required to wear their team kit, shin pads and suitable footwear (football boots or trainers).

All teams must have a coach/manager or player manager. It is his/her responsibility to fill the team sheet on the day of the match and hand it over to the Referee.
Any team that is not present at the time of kickoff will be given an maximum of 5 extra minutes to take the field following which the referee will award a 3-0 walkover to the team that is present.

4.1.  For matches that are 11v11, a minimum number of 7 players from each team must be present on the pitch.

4.2.  For matches that are 7v7 and 6v6, a minimum of 5 players from each team must be present on the pitch.

4.3.  In case a team is late or does not have the minimum number of players and a walkover is awarded.

4.4.  In case both teams are absent or do not have their minimum number of players, no points will be awarded.

5. Teams may only field players registered by them in DELHI CUP. Any team fielding an ineligible player(s) will forfeit the match.

6. DELHI CUP has set age guidelines for each of its junior U9, U11, U13, U15 and U17 Divisions. DELHI CUP will have the final authority to decide player eligibility in each Age Division. Any player found to have changed his date of birth will be disqualified.

7. DELHI CUP Match Rules differ for each Age Division (Team Sizes, Match Duration), and are available with the League Director and on the website.

8. Except where otherwise provided, FIFA rules will apply.

9. A Referee will be allocated to every match. The Referee’s decision is final and will not be revised.

10.  For u,9,11,13,15,17 Each team may have a maximum of 14 players that may play during the season. At Match day only 12 players may be part of the squad.

11. Players, Coaches and Parents will behave in a manner which is respectful to others. DELHI CUP will have the right to suspend or disqualify any player, coach or parent for not adhering to the Code of Conduct.

11.1. Coaches, players and parents are advised to abide by the Referee’s decision. You are requested not to argue with the referee. Excessively appealing for free kicks, off sides or penalties will not change the Referee’s decision. Complaining about the Referee sets a bad example as they are role models for children.

11.2. Encourage young sports people to behave in a sportsman like manner and play fairly which is a step towards these players adhering to these ways in the future.

11.3. The use of foul language is not permitted and any use of violence or intimidation against referees, coaches, parents, children or organizers will mean an automatic disqualification of the player and parent or coach from the League.

11.4. Any person who enters the pitch without permission while a match is in progress will be deemed to have attempted to disrupt the match and will be removed and not be allowed to attend further matches.

11.5. Encourage cleanliness and keep the venues and fields free of litter at all times.

11.6. Owners of vehicles are requested to park their cars/motorbikes in an orderly manner so as to not disrupt others.

11.7. The consumption of alcohol and smoking of cigarettes/tobacco (or similar) on the venues is strictly forbidden

12. All protests would need to be submitted in writing to the Organising Committee of the DELHI CUP. The Organising Committee will have final authority on all decisions.

13. Recognizing the possibility of physical injury associated with football, in consideration thereof, I hereby agree to release, absolve, indemnify and hold harmless the DELHI CUP, including any of the organisations directors, officers, coaches, officials, sponsors, partner organisations, owners of the field for any injury incidental to the conduct of the football program.

I understand that DELHI CUP provides no medical or dental insurance for players participating in their programs and incase of injury I shall be responsible for all medical costs in this regard.

14.1. I, the parent/guardian/coach or manager of the registrant, hereby give consent for emergency medical care prescribed by a duly licensed doctor of Medicine or Dentistry. This care may be given under whatever conditions necessary for the wellbeing of my dependent.

Important Notes to keep:
•   For U-09 eligibility player should be born Jan. 1st 2006 and later
•   For U-11 eligibility player should be born Jan. 1st 2004 and later
•   For U-13 eligibility player should be born Jan. 1st 2002 and later
•   For U-15 eligibility player should be born Jan. 1st 2000 and later
•   For U-17 eligibility player should be born Jan. 1st 1998 and later

I / We agree to follow the above mentioned Rules and Guidelines of the Delhi CUP 2015-16

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